IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones | FREE SHIPPING included. IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development.
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IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR



Free Ships if you Buy IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones | FREE SHIPPING included. IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development.




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Benefits of IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones :

  • Indole Acetic Acid can induce cell elongation and cell division with all subsequent results for plant growth and development.

  • IAA Auxin serves as signaling molecules necessary for development of plant organs and coordination of growth.

  • IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development.

  • Auxin also induces sugar and mineral accumulation at the site of application

  • Auxin induces the formation and organization of xylem and phloem. When the plant is injured, the auxin can induce the cell differentiation and regeneration of the vascular tissues.



IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones is a native plant compound, potent, and the most important auxin. The molecule is derived from indole, containing a carboxymethyl group (acetic acid).



There are more metabolically stable, synthetic auxin analogs on the market for use in the horticulture industry, such as indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) and 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). That's because NAA and IBA are more stable than IAA, and that's why IBA and NAA are the most common active ingredients in most commercially available rooting hormone products on the market today.



Most people think they should use auxins in rooting products only! However, auxins play key roles in plant growth and flower production too. We have a vitamin and hormone booster we sell that has IBA, Triacontanol, Brassinolide, BAP6, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, and Ascorbic Acid (vit-c) combined in it and we recommend you use it through all phases of growth. You would have to buy Rhizotonic $250, Cannaboost $450, and Superthrive $150, to try to make our product, but you would still be missing items that we put in ours. The best part is, ours sells for $50.



Some people have questioned this since they feel IBA(Auxin) only plays a role in root production, but this is fundamentally untrue. Auxins also help the plant heal itself, it controls the plants ability to grow or bend towards the light, aids in even or unified fruit development, and helps the plant produce ethylene, which helps in the ripening process amongst other things. With these facts, it is hard to put auxins in a box as only a "rooting hormone" right?



IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones Specification :



  • Product Name : IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones, Heteroauxin

  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 0° C

  • CAS No: [87-51-4]

  • Structure Formula: C10H9N02

  • Molecular Weight: 175.19

  • Soluble in 1N KOH 5 mg/ml

  • Appearance: Cream to Pale Pink Powder

  • Purity: 99%

  • Melting point: 168-170°C



Usage of IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones :


  • Indole Acetic Acid-IAA Auxin is NOT water soluble. Use KOH Solution Buy IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones | FREE SHIPPING included. IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development. to dissolve.

  • Some commercial growers deliberately initiate fruit development by applying auxins to the flowers. Not only does this ensure that all the flowers will "set" fruit, but it also maximizes the likelihood that all the fruits will be ready for harvest at the same time.

  • Fruit growers often apply auxin sprays to cut down the loss of fruit from premature dropping
  • Best used in a foliar or foliage spray since IAA is not very stable in concentrates

  • USE @ 1-25 PPM. FYI some use at 100-300 ppm to achieve different results. Please experiment to find out what works best for you to achieve the results you're looking for.

  • Most commercial rooting products use IBA, or a combination of IBA and NAA, since it's more stable than IAA in solution

  • FYI Dip and Grow has IBA 1% (10,000PPM) and NAA .5% (5000ppm) in it's liquid concentrate. Some would suggest that optimal results come with ratio of 5:1 water to concentrate. That would be 1666.66PPM of IBA and 833.33PPM of NAA. The directions on the bottle suggest though a ratio of 10:1 water to concentrate and that would be 909.09PPM of IBA and of 454.54 PPM of NAA in solution.



Disclaimer: We will not give you exact ppm directions, or how many ppms we put in our hormone concentrate product. This would be no different than you asking McDonald's for the ingredients to their Big Mac sauce just because you bought the Big Mac.



However, we do :

  • Have the lowest prices in the world!

  • In the product description we give you VERY EASY dissolving instructions, and a SAFE range to experiment with your Pure IAA Auxin Powder.

So please don't hold us responsible for you trying to combine several hormones or ingredients together (trying to mimic our hormone concentrate), not dissolving the Pure IAA Auxin Powder properly, and most importantly FOR KILLING YOUR PLANTS! After all it's your job to experiment and find out what works best for you...



Now you're buying these pure hormone powders so you can save money not having to buy expensive hydro store products. Products that contain these hormones in them like: Canna Boost, Connoisseur, Rhizotonic, Snow Storm Ultra, Roots excelurator etc... For many though, this is a little overwhelming and they don't know where to start.



Well, that's why we sell an all in one product that is just as effective as all these other products, and it's about 90% cheaper. Now at a cost of $50 a gallon, our product is perfectly formulated and you will save a lot of money, and if you're not comfortable experimenting, or don't already know how to use hormones, the safest bet is to buy our product that's ready to use.



Why is water soluble IAA(IAA-K) a less Superior product?



There is a water soluble option called IAA-K that is sold by others, and yes it is easy to use because you can just add it to water, but what they are not telling you is the"K" is potassium from Potassium Hydroxide(KOH)...



This means when their IAA was manufactured the manufacturer added KOH powder to the mix "diluting" the pure IAA with "inexpensive" Koh powder, so that you could conveniently just add it to water. The issue you should have is now how much of your powder is pure IAA and how much of it is KOH powder. How do you know then how much of this powder to use to achieve your desired PPM?



FYI, we sell KOH powder for 5-$10 a pound(448 grams), but we sell our Pure "non water soluble" IAA for $8.99 for (5 Grams). Wouldn't you rather buy a pure product and add your own cheap KOH? Nothing worse IMHO than thinking your buying Pure IAA, and then realizing it has actually been cut with a cheaper product "KOH"!



See, when you shop with MBFERTS.COM you're shopping with a company who also manufactures high performance liquid plant foods and additives. Because of this, we fully understand the importance of using pure products and the need to know exactly what the percentage of each element are in each product to properly formulate our products.



If we just guessed, or didn't know the percentage of each element, our formulas would not be accurate. Understanding the pureness of each element is very important. Without knowing this, it is impossible to formulate a product properly.



FYI this means we're not some old dude sitting in his underwear selling hormones on eBay "plants n stuff". We actually use these and know the science behind them. We also only buy TOP OF THE LINE products, and this is why we only buy/sell PURE IAA, and not IAA-K. Shop around our site and see it's all high quality, high water soluble, made for manufacturing liquid concentrate products. (hydro store plant foods)





There is nothing easier than dissolving your IAA in KOH solution! The trick is to microwave the KOH solution first. Be careful and don't boil it, just microwave it enough so that it's very hot. Example a standard size shot glass, filled half way with KOH solution, microwaved for 30 seconds on high, will give you a hot KOH solution.



Now add your Pure IAA Auxin Powder to the glass of hot KOH, most times the powder will just dissolve instantly into the solution. If it doesn't, stir it slightly with a toothpick or glass stirrer. Use the chart below to see how much IAA powder you will need to add to your water to achieve your desired PPM of IAA in solution, and remember 5mg of IAA to 1ml of KOH Solution is needed.



How many GRAMS of IAA Auxin - Indole Acetic Acid should I use CHART  :Buy IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones | FREE SHIPPING included. IAA plays a key role in both root and shoot development.

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